SENSO wants to communicate territorial identity and sensorial experience, which are what most involve us.

Our extra virgin olive oil comes from olive trees that stretch between the hills of Sennori and Sorso, whose initial syllables we wanted to emphasize in the way to compose SenSo, a word that also wants to underline the type of experience that our oil would like give.

It’s a  journey through the 5 senses that starts from the involvement in the moment in which the bottle is uncorked, appreciating its scent with herbaceous notes of artichoke, thistle and almond, continues in the act of pouring it, letting oneself be hypnotized by the green flow with golden reflections and feeling its sweet overflow , ends with the tasting,  when the oil softly envelops the palate, leaving bitter and balanced notes.


The logo reinforces the theme of territorial identity.

The design wants to recall one of the most precious and representative jewels of the island tradition, the Sardinian button.
This pendant represents, in its circular shape with a central zircon set, the breast of the Punic goddess of fertility Tanit, becoming a symbol of wish for prosperity.

In our version we have replaced the stone and the watermarks with the classic symbols of oil, the olive, the leaves and the drops.